Snow Leopard in my hands


I have just installed a brand new Snow Leopard operating system. Upgrade from Leopard went very well and smooth without any problems. First impressions are very positive, however some of my applications do not work. Those applications definitively need upgrade and as far as I know it’s coming. What does not work in my case? Here is the list:

  • ForkLift,
  • LetterBox for,
  • Blogo,
  • iStat Menus,
  • Notebook – preferences pane does not work and crashes every so often.

Keep in mind that developers are now having a hard time, because Apple released Snow Leopard around one month in advance!


Most of the third party applications are 32-bit, but I think that is going to change quickly. So far, so good and I will write more about Snowy later. Keep in touch! I am going to play with Snowy little bit more. See ya!

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