Snow Leopard – you’re really going to use services menu!

Services Menu in Snow Leopard are going to blow away your pants! Completely redesign with a real power to speed things up! Contextual, which means that if you click on the specific file, menu is going to show you only the actions related to that kind of file. Customizable, so now you can create your own services, also contextual. Huge thing, guys!

I’m still learning what I can cook with the ability of automator to create services in Snow Leopard, but in the mean time go to that page and have fun: Make your own actions and share it here please. You can also find there some very useful, already cooked for you actions like: Encrypt the PDF file, Rotate an Image, Send this file as an attachment in Mail or Import that image into iPhoto – all right out from the Finder in only one click away! Just download and install that actions on your Snow Leopard system. Isn’t just cool?

One more thing! Definitevly watch the MacBreak Video movies on the above mentioned page!

Here is what I’ve found useful. Create new service within Automator with no input and Finder context. Than search for Run AppleScript in the Automator and put this code as the apple script. Save as the Service with the name you choose and assign the key shortcut to that item in the Preferences Pane under the Keyboard. That’s all, should be working fine.

tell application "Finder" to set save_folder to (target of window 1) as alias
tell application (path to frontmost application as Unicode text)
set text_file to choose file name with prompt "Enter file name:" default location save_folder
end tell
set file_ref to open for access text_file with write permission
set eof file_ref to 0
close access file_ref
tell application "Finder"
set file type of (text_file as alias) to "TEXT"
set creator type of (text_file as alias) to "ttxt"
end tell
tell application "TextEdit"
open text_file
end tell

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