What we have got after the Apple’s music event


After the latest Apple’s music event we have seen that Steve Jobs is still alive and full of vigor. Apple announced a couple of music related products including iTunes 9, new iPods and LP versions of music vinyl albums very rich with graphics, lurics and additional digital content. If you are not so music and iPod fanatic, there is actually not too much to worry about. What Apple basically introduced than? Here you go:

iTunes 9 with some new features which the big one is Home Sharing. It’s now possible to share your music library and all iTunes content across multiple computers in your home (up to 5 machines). Additionally you can add to your library contents which was purchased by your wife or son. iTunes 9 give you ability to compare these two libraries and show you the difference. iTunes Store accounts for all 5 persons are needed to work with Home Sharing.

Second big thing is of course brand new iPods. I was very excited before the event, because I was hoping that Apple introduce a new iPod Touch with the camera, but it did not happen unfortunately. That’s a biggest disappointment for me. Instead of a camera in iPod Touch, Apple put it to the brand new iPod Nano. Yes, that’s not a mistake! iPod Nano got a camera. Maybe some people enjoy it, but Nano does not have WiFi and the same features like Touch used to have. If Apple had a camera in iPod Touch, this device would be a really nice, small pocket computer! But, again it did not happen, at least now. Maybe the reasons are more marketing related and Apple does not want to have a device which might be competing with iPhone – saying that Touch is a cheap, awesome gaming platform. I don’t know, but it’s a pitty!

Overall, the event was very well prepared and it was nice to see Steve on the stage after his long leave of absence. He looks very, very thin, but after the surgery it’s pretty normal. iPod Touch got the faster CPU and software 3.1 with some bug fixes and performance improvements, iPod Nano’s now have slightly bigger display and camera, iTunes Store layout was redesign with some new, eye candy features and finally iTunes 9 landed with some UI changes and new features like Genius for Applications, Home Sharing and other under the cover improvements. I don’t know why it’s still 32-bit application? So, go and check them out and watch the video from the event available here: http://tinyurl.com/nmvbn9

That’s all folks, stay tuned.

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