Quicklookd crashing battle probably won!

Hello, Long time, no see, but I’m back online again. I have been to Raleigh, NC for over a week to do my work stuff, but now I’m back at home. Glad to be here, because weather in the US, NC was a bit nasty. It was my fist time on East Coast, so overall it was pretty nice to be there and talk with some american people about the country side and culture as well as visit NCSU campus and Chapell Hill. Smiling!

Back to the my story about the Quick Look daemon crashes, which I have been experiencing mostly after the Snow Leopard 10.6.1 update. Seems to be, that my pain was relieved – at least no more issues for two days so far. What was causing the problem? I have no idea, but I tried to do all the possible maintain and troubleshooting techniques to resolve this issue and even better, I got contact to the QuickLook engineer to provide him the crash logs and more information about it (How? Using Twitter of course – sentence for those who don’t see any value of Twitter). He’s probably working on that to make sure, that is not going to reappear on the future update.

To make the story short, to resolve the issue I did a couple of things. I cleaned all my user and system cashes using Coctail software (http://www.maintain.se/cocktail/index.php) and rebooted the machine. I deleted the preference .plist files for quicklookd and Spotlight and also I have reinstalled all my additional audio/video software like: Filp4Mac, DivX for Mac and Airfoil with Instant Hijack extensions. The most problematic files which caused the quicklookd crashes had been .flv, .wmv and .avi. After the additional software reinstallation and machine reboot, .avi and .wmv files started working fine. The last type of files were all .flv’s which I have deleted from my hard drive. After that, when I used Spotlight and Preference Pane again, quicklookd stopped crashing. Even, when I got back the problematic .flv files from my backup disk, no more crashes. So far, so good!

I will keep an eye on that I hope historic issue, and let you know if something is going to change. Maybe in the mean time, the Quick Look engineer also will get to some point and share the knowledge with us, what was the problem. Stay tuned.

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