Tough decision about choosing a mobile phone

Last time I have been thinking what kind of device I am going to buy because my contract was going to the end. Believe me, it was tough decision, but I am going to say that I did not buy an iPhone. Instead of it, I have bought Nokia E71. Yes, being a Mac user I am just saying that at least not this time. Why, you might think?

Well, the main reason to buy Nokia device was the cost considerations and the fact that I always used to have Nokia mobile phone and I have had no issues with Nokia devices. On the other hand I have always wanted to own an iPhone — mainly because it would be the perfect fit to my Mac and it would have ability to install applications. Many applications, which for sure would be very useful for me. Damn, I thought, maybe I can pay the premium and buy an iPhone, but I need to first know what kind of offer my mobile provider will prepare for me.

So far, so good, but when I went to my local mobile provider store to finally renew my contract things starts to look not so optimistic. Keep in mind, that I live in Poland, where the prices are modeled by the resellers, not by Apple directly. The cost of an iPhone is huge, over three times more compared to the Nokia and for my type of contract I have to pay around 600 bugs for the iPhone. That is not the real price of the hardware I thought. To top it off, if you add to that cost of the data package — which will be pretty high for such kind of device, you will hit the prices range, which is not acceptable for me (unfortunately). So to sum up, maybe next time Apple and Era (my provider).

After few days of thinking what to do, searching on the Internet what can be an alternative, finally I have decided to buy Nokia E71. When I brought this device to the home, connected to my Mac I was very surprised! It started working without any issues almost out of the box. After few minutes I downloaded the plug in from the Nokia web page and I was able to synchronize my calendars and contacts with no hassle using iSync! Nice, isn’t it? Maybe some of you may say that is only Symbian, it is not true Mac-like OS, but if you are thinking about great business mobile phone, I think that E71 is what you might consider. I have not tested the Music part of the phone, because I did not have a time, but I will do it definitively and drop you a line about it in the future.

To summarize this introduction and my kind of confession, I am very happy with Nokia E71 so far. I am rather new in the Symbian world, so I am still playing and testing what I can or cannot do with the phone, so please stay in touch.

Below, you have some tips for problems which appeared to me during the normal day to day usage. Enjoy!

If you press and hold for a few seconds the asterisk button you will swith on/off your bluetooth. If you press and hold the hash key you’ll swith on/off your Silent/General profile.

In the Home/Connectivity/Bluetooth/ page press the left side of the big square button in the middle of your Nokia E71 and you will see the list of paired devices. Click Options and Set as authorized. You won’t get any annoying questions about permission to connect from your Mac.

To Copy all of your old contacts from the SIM card to the Phone memory go to Contacts/Options/SIM Contacts/SIM directory. Than press Options/Select and Mark/Unmark/Mark all. Next, press Copy/To memory card. Than go to the SIM director again, press Mark All and delete. Final step is to synchronize your phone with a Mac imidiately. Than, you will probably see that some contacts will be added to your Address Book – that’s ok. Now, you have all your contact on your phone as well and your Mac.

How to enter the special character when you are using for example Putty for Symbian and your login password need one? Press the Ctrl button once and you will get the nice pallete of special chars on your E71 screen.

How to connect to the hidden network? You have to define the access point first in the Tools/Settings/Connection/Access Points. Click Options to define the new one. If the network is hidden you have to put WLAN Network Name manually instead of Search for the Networks. That’s all. Enjoy.

Next, you will get some advices to customize your phone. Here are the very, very good looking themes for your mobile device. I told you, I have never seen better designed mobile themes that these ones:
Reward the developer and drop him some bugs as I did. I have decided to pay for one of the theme to recompense an effort spent to designing all of these icons and styles. They are very well done and hey, it’s just 5 bugs!

The last, but not least here are some sites for your office like and traveling activities which you might experience being a road warrior: and Of course you can also easily find applications like: IM clients (Fring, Gravity), Skype, Opera Mini 5 and YouTube or Internet Radio. Have fun!

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