Perfect headphones match for my Nokia E71

One of the biggest mistake with Nokia E71 is the 2.5 mm stereo jack! I don’t know what they were thinking designing it, but needles to say, it was mistake. I have to deal with that however and connect my headphone via bunch of different adapters which most of them are 2-ring where all your on-cable controls don’t work or buy 3-ring adapter which is not so easy! Most of them are straight, so if you connect the 3.5 mm jack you will get at least 5 cm long jack! It is a real pain in the ass!

There is another solution to that! Of course it is not cheap, as you might know. Most of the devices today are equipped with stereo Bluetooth interface. That’s a solution and probably Nokia thought that we are going to use it instead of wired headphones with cable clutter around your neck. What are the best headphones though? Well, probably Nokia BH-905 with noise cancellation. Best in class, foldable, with a bunch of different adapters included in the nice pouch. Don’t ask me about the price, try to search on your own. To sum up, very good headphones for my E71, but unfortunately expensive. So, who is going to buy me a pair?

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