Apple store was down today — new hardware on the shelves!

Today Apple unveiled whole bunch of new hardware. We have got new iMacs, Mac minis and White Macbooks.

One of the best new feature in iMacs are of course ability to use up to 16GB of RAM, CPU bumps, HD screen resolution and one of my favorite — ability to use your iMac as an external monitor! New iMacs support video in, so you can hook up a DVD player or your Macbook. Unfortunately this is ONLY supported on 27″ models.

The Mac minis got RAM updates (up to 4GB) and faster CPU. They have NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphic card. No HDMI and no Blu-Ray drive still.

The new, white polycarbonate Macbooks are the whole new story. They have unibody, plastic design now — very cool and slick, multitouch trackpad, LED display, 7 hours battery, NVIDIA GeForce 9400M graphic card and 4GB of RAM. Very neat step forward Apple! This is going to be a real hit during the holiday season and will bring Apple huge revenue in my humble opinion. Just take a look at the new design of the white Macbook, isn’t just so awesome!

Another sexy stuff by Apple is a mouse. Now, it’s called Magic Mouse and it is multitouch device without any visible buttons. You can scroll, zoom, rotate like you used to do on your unibody Macbook trackpad. It is amazing piece of technology! Apple once again proofed huge sense of innovation and technology masterpiece. You have to look at it here. I have to really try it out!

That’s all, now try to don’t spend too much money!

According to iMac specs:

27-inch model can be attached to a wall mount, articulating arm, or
other VESA-compliant mounting solution using the optional VESA Mount
Adapter Kit

Try to imagine, what you can do with wall mountable complete computer with Front Row interface and recent Video input capability via Display Port. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

New iMac has also IPS LED screen. What does it mean? According to Wikipedia:

Because of its wide viewing angle and accurate colour reproduction it’s widely employed in high-end monitors aimed at professional graphic artists, although with the recent fall in price it has seen in the mainstream market too.

Apple also introduced the smallest server ever with really affordable price! Take a look here. Basically it is a Mac mini with preloaded Snow Leopard Server operating system. Keep in mind, that is a closed solution, so you do not have any CD/DVD slot in that device. The price is the same as for the regular Mac mini, so it means that you are getting Snow Leopard Server for FREE!!! Feel that Microsoft!

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