Different kind of workers driving technology advance

I thought, that it might be interesting citation about the different kind of people. One of them are enthusiasts, another not. I hope Nokia can figure out who is who quickly, because their revenue does not look so cool this year. I am wondering what kind of people work in Apple though? Anyway, read this article below, it is worth to do it, even it is not strictly Apple related.

There are four types of Nokia employees. You have the majority of employees, who do their job just so they can pay the bills. They’ve established a mind numbing routine and are indifferent about their role, but they know that working for Nokia allows them a gracious amount of time off, flexible working hours, and a healthy severance package should they become fired. Then you have the people who are actually into the mobile industry and really do care about where Nokia is heading, but unfortunately they’re in roles that have little to no impact towards the future device or service portfolio. There are a healthy number of these individuals, I used to be one of them. Next you have the people who actually work on the future devices and services Nokia will be releasing, the people who get their hands dirty, the people who use an IDE more than they use PowerPoint. These people care about what they’re doing, developers love solving problems and seeing a project rise from concept to product, but they may not exactly care about Nokia or the wireless industry as a whole. Finally you have the people who are in the right place, at the right time, and doing the right thing. These people may or may not have technical savvy, but are in a position to change things and are really excited about the things they’re working on, what their work will mean for Nokia, and the mobile telecommunications as a whole. Few of these sort of people exist, but I was fortunate enough to meet a few at tonight’s event.

Link: Helsinki Nokia N900 Meetup: The Maemo guys have heart, but is that enough?

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