What are your thoughts after the Windows 7 launch

Windows 7 starts getting good reviews and comments on the Internet and Microsoft believes that the whole bad karma around the Vista is getting to the end. What are your opinions about that? Maybe some of you already got the Windows 7 on your machine and would like to share with us the user experience?

I have not bought Windows 7 yet, because I don’t need one. I am just thinking to buy it for my wife who is stacked with Vista on her HP laptop. However, I have had some experience with that OS on the VMWare Fusion virtual machine and they were very positive. It’s still Microsoft, but they put a lot of effort to make it little bit better, smoother and more response. The UI is pretty the same, but more polished in my humble opinion. My favorite feature is the less RAM consumption and faster boot up time. What are yours?

Somebody said on the Internet that has had enough about hating the Microsoft and talking how bad the OS has been for years. Maybe, I do not want to move back to Microsoft from Mac OSX, but I think that indeed Windows 7 might change the bad karma around the company and lift Microsoft reputation up. We will see as always of course. Hope they do not screw things up!

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2 Comments on “What are your thoughts after the Windows 7 launch”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Excellent software, fast, loads of fun for more serious users, still some glitches with network, but overoll its one of the better ones 🙂

    Have tried them all, Vista Ultimate SP1 was not too bad at the end, XP is outdated (Although still the king),

    Macintosh is too pretty 🙂

  2. noactive Says:

    What are your thoughts after the Windows 7 launch .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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