The best email client and other apps for Symbian

One of the main reasons why I needed a smartphone was the ability to stay connected to the Internet. In my case it means primary Email, News, Facebook, Twitter and Evernote.

Finding the really good app for Facebook, Twitter and News is pretty easy, because Gravity is the best one of course. Evernote mainly means to send a photo to a special email address and it will be synced to your desktop application.

The real challenge I had with the good and robust email client. Yes, something obvious like the email client for S60 devices is not quite there in my humble opinion! On my E71, there is a built-in email client which integrated well with the Symbian OS, but does not have HTML support. Maybe it is not a big blocking point, but more and more email messages have indeed HTML formatting and may be unreadable otherwise or at least formatted in a way that is useless if you want to find quickly information on a page.

Next choice was Nokia Messaging with their PUSH service. Works pretty well at the beginning, but they want your password to the email account and the service is in test period and it might be commercial in the future. Using this client for a while I figured out that it has been buggy – I often got messages with “Message truncated to 0 characters” which was really annoying. When I tried to type a name with “To:” field I was getting an error saying that memory is full and I have to quit some background applications, which were not running of course. That was enough and I removed the app from my phone.

That is pretty all available on the Symbian market! Oh, wait a second — there is another one, the best one so far. It is ProfiMail. It is a commercial application with little bit yucky UI, but it is robust, optimized for mobile devices with low memory and battery consumption. It has all the features you might want to in the email client especially PUSH, attachment viewer, rules, multiple account support , etc. That was a good and only choice as far as I know and I have been happy ProfiMail user so far. You can get it with pretty nice discounts on I have bought mine for less than 10 EUR – regular price is around 23 EUR. It’s not so much integrated with Symbian like the built in one email client — there is a lack of home screen inline notifications about a new email — only the small envelope with number of unread messages will be displayed on your screen on the upper right corner and sound message notify you about it, but I thinks that is fairly enough to work with emails on your mobile phone. Maybe when Symbian goes open source it will change — so far it is a Symbian limitation, not a program fault. I highly recommend this application, so go and check it out!

To wrap everything up, what I am using now to be more productive on my E71 and I think these apps are the best available on the Symbian S60 market:

  1. Gravity
  2. Nimbuzz
  3. QuickOffice
  4. WordMate
  5. Opera Mobile 10
  6. ProfiMail
  7. Nokia Internet Radio
  8. Audible Air
  9. Skype Lite

Those applications might make you happy with your mobile phone. However, keep in mind that all these applications might store your data, especially login and password and if someone steal your phone he will be able to easily log in to your accounts. That will be another subject for discussion of course, but I warned you!

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