I have bought MacHeist software bundle

I have decided to buy MacHeist software bundle because for less than 20 bucks you have a chance to participate in Tweetie 2 for Mac beta period. I am usually skeptical about software bundles because they have a lot of useless crap, but this time the price was no brainer. I got RipIt! – DVD ripping software for a Mac and RapidWeaver – powerful program for web page creation. That is something quite a deal right?

What was significant in this MacHeist promo it was about the way how Atebits, company which creates Tweetie decided to include its program to the bundle. It was almost at the end of the promo and they gave buyers a little sneak peak showing just a piece of Tweetie icon. Brilliant idea which certainly increased the number of bundles sold out. They are really clever, but they also giving to us something special – beta program access. Of course, we will get this benefit for about a month, but it is worth to wait in my humble opinion. Oh, before that I got the license for a current version of Tweetie – awesome!

So, today is the last day to get it – remember it is no brainer!

P.S. I am posting from MacJournal which I got buying the software bundle. Great piece of software which allows me to easily post and keep all my entries.

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