WWDC 2010 and brand new iPhone

Because I do not have too much time to write something extensive on the Net (changing my condo), I have grabbed some info about brand new iPhone today surfing quickly over the Internet.

Yes, Apple released today (or I should say announced) brand new iPhone 4. This “4” at the end does not mean that’s LTE device. Not at all, it is 3G phone with HSDPA and HSUPA technologies on board, A4 Cortex chip (HUGE news) and much, much better display. Apple says that’s able to last 40% longer in case of battery and that’s the thinnest phone on the world. It has also front camera, LED flash for better picture quality and 5Mpix sensor.

It has iOS4 (Apple changed the name for iPhone OS) with multitasking. Pricing $199 for 8GB model and $299 for 16GB is I am not mistaken. Availability June 24 and pre-ordering June 15 in the US.

Nice, now I think that I am going to buy this device. Oh, what about the design? You have already seen it before the keynote 😉

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One Comment on “WWDC 2010 and brand new iPhone”

  1. Krzysiek Says:

    BTW, if you wanna see it go to the Apple website at: http://www.apple.com/iphone.

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