How to sync your non Apple smartphone to a Mac

Probably I wrote something about it in the past, but being a person who constantly looking at the smartphone market I thought that Samsung Galaxy S is a true alternative to the iPhone 4. I am not going to say that iPhone 4 is a bad device, but Samsung might be cheaper in some cases. It is a subject to another discussion 😉

From that reason I have Nokia E71 and I use Nokia Multimedia Transfer software to sync it to my Mac. It works fine, but with some glitches.

So, I thought what if somebody is going to buy Android device? Is it going to be easy life with sync this device to a Mac? Seems that it might be, thanks to these guys:

If you are thinking about other phone that Apple’s iPhone, you have to go there and check if your mobile phone is supported by the software! Galaxy S is of course supported and many other Android phones as well. They just launched their software for Android (Version 1.4.3 (309) September 2010), so definitely check it out. On their webpage, on the right, is a drop down menu, where you can check whether your smartphone is supported and what other devices you may consider to buy, if you need Mac syncing. It is not a free software, but for $39.99 you have complete sync solutions for your non Apple phone.

Have a nice syncing.

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