More information, less writing.


I haven’t had a time since the last post to update this blog even some things were happened in the Mac community. Probably you have noticed that. Lots of things to do at once and some trips over the ocean to Silicon Valley.  Now I am back again and I am just start thinking how to say something to you with less writing. Don’t worry, I will try to give some news and my thoughts, but maybe in little bit different form.

I just thought that maybe I start doing some video short movies here instead of writing a lot. I don’t guarantee that project will happen finally, but that’s something in my mind. The plan is to post some short, small movies in both, Polish and English to give you some thoughts and opinion. At the beginning I will try to use iSight and my built in mic or record using my point and shoot camera. I am curious effects as well.

So, stay in touch and maybe someday I will post some intro movies here. Happy computing and see you soon. BTW, any comments on that idea?


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