What is still missing in iOS 4


I am rather new, but happy iPhone 3GS user which I have upgraded at the beginning to iOS 4.1. What I would like to share with you is some things that are still not quite there from the professional point of view. I have Nokia E71 background already, so maybe this post will be about the more business features in the recent iOS.

Keep in mind that Apple is pretty new kid on the block when we are start talking about the phones, especially in the enterprise environment. Nokia has a lot more experience in this case for sure.

Starting from the basic applications like calendar. Works fine, but there is no way to edit your calendar on the iPhone or send an invitation straight from the phone for the event. Maybe I am not doing this so much, but having this option might be a good point. Next, is a lack of week numbers in the calendar application. This actually hurts me more, because most of the projects and letters regarding those projects talks about week numbers. Of course you can download third party app, which display you a week numbers, but such a simple thing should be added to the built in program on your iPhone.

Next, lets look at the Mail application. Pretty simple and nice looking, but if you like to add the PDF attachment from the inside the new mail, that is not possible. Instead, you have to go to any other app, leaving Mail in the background and click send this file from that third app. It is not so intuitive and give you some additional clicks to do such a simple task.

What about the task managements? Hm, you can have a lot of third party apps, but nothing out of the box. No easy to use and yet powerful application included in the iOS to manage your shopping lists, todos , etc. That is a pity in my humble opinion.

So far, so good because in the recent iOS we have ability to put every app in the background and do some task on top on that suspended application. It is very nice, but the multitasking interface might be better though out. You cannot quit an app just like that, instead of this, you have to push home button to put the app in the background, than push the same button twice to bring the list of currently running/suspended apps and press that app, which you like to quit. Little bit to things to do for such a simple task again right?

The last thing which is important for me, but unfortunately not included in the iOS is a good international dictionary. I know that I can use Internet to translate anything I want, but what in case when I am offline? Sometimes I have to find a word or two and I am not or I do not want to be online and use my roaming data. On a Mac we have dictionary app, maybe not international, but at least enough powerful to help you out. Nothing on iOS.

However, I am very positively impressed about the recent iOS. Huge number of applications, including free ones and the quality of the UI make the phone really enjoyable. Actually, most of my apps which are using day by day are free. Some I had to buy to be more productive when I am using my iPhone.

Well, what do you think about that? What are you missing so much on iOS comparing to the other phones which you used to have? Comments are more than welcome.

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