Potential new Macbook Airs in June


This is just a quick post about the rumours that new Macbook Airs are coming in June this year with 3G modem built-in right into those machines.

Well, I think that’s a good idea and Apple should to consider it as a option. Macbook Air is a very portable machine and having built-in 3G modem in it will extend the ability to stay online, even if you don’t have WiFi network connectivity. This will make almost excellent laptop machine for travellers.

So, what else is missed in the current models? If they extend the ability to upgrade RAM and SSD capacity, add backlit keyboard and this mentioned above 3G modem as a option, I am sold! I’ll keep my fingers crossed waiting for June.

Stay tuned!

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One Comment on “Potential new Macbook Airs in June”

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