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iFixit’s 2015 MacBook teardowns



You probably already know that Apple just recently announced a lot of new hardware, starting with Apple Watch and ending up with Macbook refresh and totally new 12″ Macbook with only one (yes, only ONE) USB-C type connector. Actually, you’ll have also headphone out 😉

Here is the link for new Macbook Pro hardware teardown and new Macbook Air to see what’s inside as well as some explanation about USB-C type connector for you.


Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 07.47.22.png

Apple Special Event – my mistake – on 9th not today



Today Apple has special event to announce new hardware like iPhone 6 and iPad possibly, so don’t forget about it! Time 10:00PDT or 19:00 CET on 9th September. Live transmission here.

Screen Shot 2014 09 05 at 10 52 54

WWDC 2014 – just hours before the start


Tomorrow will be WWDC and Apple is going to show us new products. We will see what and if the one more thing happen.

Screen Shot 2014 06 01 at 21 53 14


Streaming video can be watched online here from Apple’s website on 19:00 polish time. Happy watching.

Very short comment after new recent hardware update from Apple



Just a short comment after recent Apple hardware update, especially new iPad Air and Macbook Pro’s with Retina displays. What I can say that if I needed iPad I would go for iPad Air – awesome piece of electronics!

Regarding Macbook Pro’s – very nice, but for me optical toslink connection missing – so far showstopper 😉

Apple special event on 10th of September



Keep our fingers crossed to see a lot of good stuff from Apple on 10th of September! The event will start at 10:00 am PT.


R.I.P Steve


Steve Jobs died! Rest in Peace Steve!!! The most powerful CEO ever! Condolence to his family.


iTunes Polska w końcu przybył



iTunes Store PL – tak, finalnie mamy już możliwość kupowania muzyki oficjalnie z polskiego sklepu iTunes. Do dyspozycji mamy wspomnianą muzykę, audiobooki oraz oczywiście aplikacje na iPhone/iPad. Powiem tak, WRESZCIE!. Co prawda nie ma na razie możliwości zakupu filmów, no ale tego można było się spodziewać.

Tak więc do sklepu i życzę udanych zakupów.

Screen Shot 2011 09 29 at 08 24 57

Zapomniałem dodać, że iBookstore też działa 😉