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C’mon Apple what is going on with you!


App Store dejection process — now Rogue Amoeba leaves the flock. Rogue Amoeba, announce they will no longer develop apps for the iPhone following frustrating (and perplexing) treatment by the App Store team.

via 9 to 5 Mac – Apple Intelligence

You deserved for a bad apple. Do something with your ridiculous approval process for iPhone applications or just quit the App Store and rethink how are you going to improve it.


New blazing fast peripherals connection is coming


Have you ever heard about the latest news about the blazing fast connection between your Mac and all of your peripherals? Yes, it might be on the market very soon according to all buzz on the Internet and according to official Intel IDF 2009 declarations! What’s this? It is called Light Peak. The idea probably was born in 1997 and was (also probably) brought to Intel by Apple looking for a very speedy connection which might replace the existing USB and FireWire ports.

Some kind of agreement was made between two well known guys: Paul Otellini CEO of Intel and Steve Jobs CEO of Apple, Inc. The strong bond between Apple and Intel has been know for a while, but this time it might be really revolutionary. Intel is going to launch the optical module with a speed of 10Gb/s using a fiber connection and with size of a coin. At 10Gb/s, you could transfer a full-length Blu-Ray movie in less than 30 seconds. This babe will be able to run multiple protocols simultaneously over a single cable, enabling the technology to connect devices such as docking stations, displays, hard disk drives, and many more.

I think that producers and of course Apple are seeing the bottleneck in the FireWire and even USB3.0 if we start talking about the real HD video content and future evolution of Solid State Drives when the SATA interface will not be able to handle all the data from the SSD memory at the hardware rate. Apple and Intel once again proved their innovation and are going to deliver to us, customers Pro level hardware in the consumer devices. Definitively we have to keep an eye on that! Well done, guys!

To see more about the Light Peak technology go to Intel’s webpage at: and watch the videos on YouTube: and

Probably the best fiscal year ever for Apple!


Apple is going to deliver to us the annual fiscal report on Monday, 19th of October and it’s going to be the best Apple’s financial results ever analysts says. Good to know, that Apple is growing and getting stronger and stronger. All this good quarters for Apple might give us new innovative products and strong, established position for Apple on the very competitive market. Best wishes Apple!

Here is also something for Polish language oriented people from Przemysław Pająk site: Worth to read for sure!

Snow Leopard is coming – the strong base for future applications



I have moved my web presence over here just in time when the new era in Mac OSX is coming to Mac world. What a coincidence I might say. There were a lot of reasons why, some of these issues what I have found using blog have been described on my Facebook page, but don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook account I will try to describe some of my reasons later on this blog. Anyway, you should have a Facebook account! Now, let’s get to the point!

Snow Leopard is coming and it will begin the whole new era in the operating systems world. It won’t bring spectacular eye candy features, but prepare the strong base for true 64-bit applications it the future and kick the Microsoft ass one more time! With Leopard they have got their tail end cut, now they can loose even more in my humble opinion. They haven’t learnt anything with Vista and now they are going to charge you over 100 dollars for an Windows 7 update which is much better than Vista, but it’s still Windows, isn’t it? To top it off, if you are current XP user or Windows 7 beta/RC tester, you have to nuke and pave your entire operating system and install Windows 7 from the scratch. Now it’s the best, you know what? Apple is going to charge you 29 dollars for the upcoming update! Needles to say.

Apple is known by industry as a breaking technology leader who has been pushing the entire market to squeeze their pants and invent something outstanding for years and I hope that time will be the same. So, be prepared for Snow Leopard (only for Intel machines) and wait for new, stunning applications from developers!

Snow Leopard is coming

Snow Leopard is coming on August 28th and it’s ready to pre-order at Apple Store US. No, not in Poland of course – bad Apple for – the local Apple reseller! What about you Well, usually here in Poland we have that stuff “little bit” later and for a much higher price :-/