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1PasswordAnywhere – access your passwords from anywhere



Because I met people asking about how to access 1Password database from a PC or Linux or even mobile phone, I have decided to post a link to this video. It’s a 1Password 3 feature. Here you go:

Here is also a blog post from the 1Password developers, how to set things up: Enjoy!


LaunchBar 5 – covered by Don McAllister ScreenCastOnline


It is another screencast from Don, but this one is for free and covers recent version of LaunchBar 5. If you like to be productive on your Mac and save time doing your repetitive stuff you have to watch this video tutorial. Is it amazing work as always!

Try to imagine what you can do on your Mac!

Click the image above and search for episode SCO0223. It is a Part 1, so stay tuned for more soon.
TIP: Watch this video to the end, you may save money buying LaunchBar!